About us

Let us introduce ourselves!

Thank you for choosing to support a small business - we thrive on providing a relaxed and fun environment for a full photo experience. Set up by our owner Alex, we have over 8 years experience in capturing beautiful moments that can be treasured for years to come.  We are a small but strong team with a wealth of experience and knowledge. You may see some of the team out and about at local soft play centres and family events throughout the year, please don't be afraid to come and say hi or ask us any questions, we are a friendly bunch. 


Owner & Photographer

Spirit Animal: Raccoon

Likes: Watches & Tech

Pet Hates: There being no milk for coffee

Party Trick: Re-telling stories
Special Skills: 
Telling really bad jokes

Most Likely To: Talk the hind leg off a donkey

Best place you've ever visited: New York

What would your superpower be: Super Strength


Manager & Photographer

Spirit Animal: Lizard

Likes: Warmth

Pet Hates: Bad drivers

Party Trick: Injuring herself
Special Skills: 
Talking for England

Most Likely To: Steal the heater

Best place you've ever visited: Poland

What would your superpower be: Invisibility



Spirit Animal: Giraffe

Likes: Cheesecake & Coffee

Pet Hates: Rudeness and being late

Party Trick: I can put my foot in my mouth
Special Skills:
Useless knowledge

Most Likely To: Eat all the cake

Best place you've ever visited: Borneo

What would your superpower be: Shapeshifting